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Dallas Weekday School of the Bible was established in 1942 as Bible classes in the public schools.  Following the 1945 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on 'Release Time' programs for religious instruction of students attending public schools, the classes were moved off the school grounds. Due to the generous donations of land and financial support, chapels were purchased or built near 5 public schools in Dallas.

Stained Glass

In the early years Bible lessons took place near the only elementary school in town, Morrison School. The Bible class was held at the First Christian Church, just a couple blocks away. In the early 1950s Lyle School came on line and a chapel was built on Rainbow Street. As Whitworth School became part of the School District an effort was made to provide busing of the students to the Lyle Chapel. However much of the class period was consumed by the busing.

In the late 1970s Ted Westfall worked with a donor at the First Presbyterian Church to provide a vacant lot adjacent to the new Oakdale School. A chapel was erected, becoming the second building and offsetting busing from the new school. Ted’s vision was to have a chapel by each elementary school, so the next one would be at Whitworth. Don and Edythe Perry lived directly east of the school and generously provided space on the large lot for this new chapel. This occurred in the early 1980’s. 
As the program expanded to include middle school young people another chapel was built just north of Lacreole School, with the generous provision by the First Methodist Church and building skills of Steve Cameron. 

Finally, in 2000, another lot became available across from Dallas High School. A major fund-raising effort brought to fruition this great facility. All buildings were funded with no loans! This history overlooks the true wonder of relationships and staff people who have carried the message of God to Dallas young people over several generations. 
We praise God!

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