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We are pleased to offer Bible classes once a week for Middle School students. Students at the High School may attend twice a week. Our staff focuses on building relationships with the students and demonstrating their value to them by listening and engaging them through teaching, prayer and worship together. The students learn what "knowing Jesus" means in a personal way and how to practically apply the scriptures to life.


Weekday Bible classes for middle and high school students are taught at the chapel adjacent to La Creole Middle School and the building across from Dallas High School. Held at the times as follows

High School -

Thursday & Friday

1st Class @ 9:45am-10:55am

2nd Class @ 2:40pm-3:30pm

(Students may attend class on both days. However, they may only attend one class per day)

Middle School -


7th grade @ 12:47pm-1:37pm

6th grade @ 1:41pm-2:31pm

8th grade @ 2:35pm-3:25pm


6th grade @ 8:30am-9:21am

8th grade @ 9:25am-10:15am

7th grade @ 10:19am-11:09am

Contact Jaron Connors,                  middle school and high school director

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